Born into a New England family of carpenters and artists, Mark’s passion for woodworking began as an apprentice to his grandfather, a master carpenter of mahogany furniture. Breathing new life into reclaimed wood and discarded pieces of furniture soon led to a series of custom pieces for clients in Los Angeles, Boston and New York City.

In 2016, Mark landed a major client: his one year old daughter, Grace. In Mark’s words: “As Grace pulled herself up to standing, her endless preoccupation with taking objects out and putting them away drove her future play kitchen’s components; I strove to maximize the number of nooks and crannies for tactile development, fine motor skills and imaginative play. The result is a piece of furniture that not only sparks my young daughter’s imagination, but adds warmth and whimsy to our craftsman style beach cottage – without adding more plastic!

From play kitchens and barn wood walls to custom desks and dining tables, Odlum offers signature, handmade furniture and home decor that will last for generations.

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